Snow in Portland–In March

So I heard Wednesday afternoon about a “blizzard warning” for the Cascade mountains and saw snow level of 1000 feet and thought, “That’s nice. Too bad I won’t see any at my house.” Well by morning the snow level dropped to 300 feet and voila–there was snow. Here’s a shot I took yesterday morning before it started warming up.

I knew Josiah would be excited so I delayed going in to work. When he woke up I took him to the window and he said, “Hey, snow!” After about a minute of him listing off all the things that had snow on them, he said, “I need my boots! I need my hat! I need my jammies off!” Unfortunately, I had to go to work, but he got to go out with his mommy. They built a snow man, a “Snow Mommy“, and a “Snow Josiah.

One thought on “Snow in Portland–In March

  1. You delayed going to work? Wasn’t it more like Josiah got up at 6:15 that morning?

    ~Your loving wife

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