And We’re Back

We’re back from the other (NE) side of the state. I have to say I’m quite disappointed in the snow fall. I was hoping for blizzard conditions, treacherous mountain passes, and more importantly, being stuck over at my parents for an extended stay. No such luck however. There wasn’t even a full inch of snow at my parents house. There was some packed snow going over Meacham in the Blue Mountains, but it was well plowed and sanded so it wasn’t too exciting for someone who grew up in that sort of stuff.

Oh well, I had a fun time over there hanging out with family. The Smith Men watched the new Bond film. Pretty good–a different kind of Bond, but still good. Don’t get me started with the whole “it’s when he become 007, but set in today’s time” thing though.

I visited my grandma while there too. That was quite saddening for me. She’s been slowly deteriorating mentally for several years, but has taken a big turn for the worse recently. You can’t really have a conversation with her now. The words sound like they make sense as they come out of her mouth, but they just don’t add up to a complete thought.