First Family Worship With Josiah

It was Josiah’s first time in family worship at Ethnos Church on Sunday. I think he enjoyed it as well as can be expected for a new environment with a bunch of people around and after picking him up from his nap and throwing him in the car to drive there. The grogginess was just about wearing off as we left the gathering.

I was blessed to have him with us as we gathered as a community. It was a bit distracting having to attend to him while listening to the message, but worth it.

I really appreciate that Ethnos makes the effort to invest in kids as a valued part of the the church community.

4 thoughts on “First Family Worship With Josiah

  1. I feel really badly that his first Fam Worship was…er…not our best. We left a bunch of stuff out. But maybe it will go better next time (although I think you can count on NEVER being able to give Justin your undivided attention during family worships).

  2. i did think that was cool about the church gatherings. there was never any need to be embarrassed about bringing kids to church, and they were never seen as “in the way.”

  3. Ashby, I don’t think you need to feel bad at all. The fam stuff was just fine. It felt full to me.

    I’m right there with you on that point Terry!

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