I saw Saturn tonight through the telescope Josiah and I got for Angie for Christmas. We don’t have enough batteries to power the little computer to find things for me and I haven’t done much research on where to find things yet so it’s pretty much just random roaming for me. Anyway, I was just spending some time tonight looking at what I think is the Orion Nebula and then went to look for something else to look at, found a star that looked somewhat bright, and was a bit surprised to see that the “star” had rings. I put the higher power eye piece in and sure enough there it was, shining in all it’s glory. There are some spectacular images out there, but there’s just something about looking directly at a something like that live that is way cool to me.

3 thoughts on “Rings!

  1. I still say you found a sticker to put on the end of my lense.

    Isn’t it nice that Wes got me something he really wanted for Christmas? :O) He’d better prove it was for me and finish getting the pieces I need so I can take picture.

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