Mixing Sound

I’ve started mixing sound at Ethnos. Tonight was my first full night running things. It’s been fun and interesting and a tad bit challenging. Challenging because there are quite a few things to remember, starting with hooking everything together. There are a lot of cables that need plugged into the right places. There’s also quite a bit to be thinking about during the service as well. But it’s all been fun and a good change.

All in all, I would rather be at the source making the music, but this is a very close second.

Oh, and thanks goes out to Joel, whose been a good teacher.

4 thoughts on “Mixing Sound

  1. That’s cool, man. There have been plenty of times when I wished I knew how to run sound. It seems like a very useful skill set to have.

  2. Thanks Chris. Fortunately, there weren’t any major stress inducers last night.


    Yeah, I think it is useful to know at least some basics as a musician.

    When I was at West Hills Christian I had to know a little bit about running sound because the sound guy only came for the services. He could do that because it was a very simple set up with the same acoustic guitar, bass, and one or two vocals each week. Anyway, I had to know how to plug in, set levels and such for rehearsals if I was bringing in something different.

    A musician may not have to be their own sound man (uh, I mean person), but it is good to know how you may be affecting the sound person, others in the band, or what the listeners hear.

  3. Way to go Wes, I’ve been mixing sound on and off sense high school at my old church I did it most every sunday for years and years It is good that you are helping out Joel so it doesn’t become a burden to him.

    We have a fairly complex setup.

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