Knight Rider

My friend Chris has brought back some memories. He posted a YouTube clip of the intro to Knight Rider. As an eight to twelve year old boy when the show was in it original series run, I loved it. I admit it, I got chills down my back when I just watched the intro. I’m sure if I watched a show now, I would get a major laugh at how lame it was, but man that show was cool when I was kid.

It also brings back memories because my Grandpa Corcoran was the one to introduce the show to me. As I recall, I was staying over at Grandma and Grandpa’s and he said something like “Have you seen this show? It’s got some car.” It’s one of the more vivid memories I have of him.

2 thoughts on “Knight Rider

  1. I used to love that show too when I was a kid. And Airwolf. But now that I look back, I go “EW!”. I never realized that the driver was David Hasselhoff! Gross. I’m also feeling tingles down my spine, but more of the freaky bewildered yuck kind 🙂 I must have been too young to know any better back then. I didn’t realize it was him until seeing the intro again.

    Since we are in the era of remakes… I’ll bet they’ll redo that one any day now.

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