It’s 2:20 AM, do you know where your wife is? Mine is outside looking at the moon. No, she not a lunatic, she’s just trying to get some good photo’s of the lunar eclipse.

3 thoughts on “Lunatic

  1. And you were so giddy about the eclipse that you didn’t really get any sleep before hand. At least I got some sleep before I had to set up the tele and camera. By the way, after I dismounted my camera, I put the 26mm eye piece on. You missed the best part. It was an amazing site.

  2. Actually, in a way, perhaps she is a lunatic. I looked up the word, and its origins come from Latin, which means “moonstruck” đŸ™‚ The word moonstruck has about the same meaning as lunatic, but in this case, I’m talking about the more literal sense of being struck by the beauty of the moon.

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