Backpacking Planning

I’ve been looking forward to going backpacking for a couple months now. Especially whenever I look at some of Angie’s backpacking photos from previous trips we’ve had to the Elkhorn Mountains. They are located in the Blue Mountains near where I grew up in northeastern Oregon.

Angie and I are planning for a two or three night trip sometime in August to the Elkhorns again. Anyone interested in coming along?

3 thoughts on “Backpacking Planning

  1. What days are you planning on going packing? Where abouts? Aaron and I keep thinking that we are going to go into Red Mtn. Lake but plans change.

  2. Dates and location yet to be determined. I was thinking about spending a night or two at Summit Lake, then swinging south on the crest trail. Or maybe two or three nights at Summit Lake and just a day hike to Rock Creek Butte.

  3. Checking the calendar (turns out there's some stuff already scheduled in August) reveals that it's got to fit into the August 25 and September 5 window.

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