I’m Not Cold

I've heard various complaints about the weather this summer. Yo know like, when is it going to start. I mean, sure, I don't think we've turned on the A/C once this year. And sure, it's raining on me as I type this. But my kids, they aren't complaining. We just busted out the bigger pool and started filling it up with cold water, but they insisted on getting in now. When asked if they're cold, the answer is, "I'm not cold."

One thought on “I’m Not Cold

  1. We got Autumn a smaller plastic pool (with built-in slide!). Her face can turn blue, teeth chattering, goose bumps and if you ask if she's ready to go inside she shakes her head no vigorously. A couple days ago I was drying her off after another near hypothermic pool episode. She was crying because she didn't want to leave. She managed to escape the towel, run and dive head first into the pool. Kids sure love water.

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