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Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

I felt like spending some time on the old blog today, so here’s the “Anniversary Scavenger Hunt”  collection of photos from the photography scavenger hunt I participated in on Google+ back in September, 2012.

Camping at Beverly Beach State Park


Over Labor Day weekend the family and I went camping at Beverly Beach State Park with a few friends.  We had two other families with us the first night and two more individuals join us on the second night.  We also had one guy join us just for Sunday evening.


It was a good time hanging out with old friends and getting to know new friends.  We enjoyed a few games Saturday night and enjoyed the beach on Sunday, even though it was quite fogged in.  :-/


Parent Tax


All parents should know about the parent tax.  If you don’t, well, you are missing out of an important piece of the tax codes. I don’t have the exact text of the rules in front of me now, but it goes something like this:  Parents are entitled a percentage of their kids’ desserts.  The exact percentage is variable depending on the delectibility of the dessert.  50% is not unreasonable.  I probably do not need to point this out, but obviously, this is another case where tax law favors those with more kids.

If you have not heard of this before, consider yourselves informed. Go, and be ignorant of the tax codes no more.