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Deck Replaced

We got our deck replaced this week.  Here’s the before:image

And after:image

We’re very happy to not need to worry about making sure we’ve got shoes on so we don’t get splinters and that we don’t have to worry about where we step so we don’t step on a rotten spot.image


We’re very happy with the work Josh from JTR Construction did.

December Snow Fun

OK, today’s snowfall reminded me that I had some snow photos from December to share.  First, there’s this photo of the mountain I conqured. 

OK, the tree in the background gives it away, it’s actually a six foot mountain I made in our driveway.

Next, we have a snow cave that we were able to make on our deck.  It was built into the two foot high drift we had there.  Josiah thought it was cool and was involved in building it for a few minutes, but then he got cold and wanted to go in.  However, he informed me that I should stay out for “ten minutes” and continue building.

No Fence

My fence has been taken down and it sure is wierd looking around here. It’s also wierd to look out the downstairs office window and see cars driving by. Troy and crew made pretty quick work of demolition. Let’s hope they’re as good at building. 😉