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Shubb Capo

This post is for the guitar players.  Here’s a picture of my Shubb capo from a few weeks ago.  A certain little girl who shall go nameless used it for a teething ring last year.  The rubber got all chewed up and the cap on the screw got lost.  The Shubb was a great capo to have for use on my electric guitar when such a need arises.  You can apply just the pressure you need without making your strings go out of tune.

So recently I was looking to get a new replacement capo and was considering getting a G7th because of a recommendation from a friend.  But then I saw the price and wasn’t so excited.  So I planned to get the tried and true Shubb.  Before I pulled the trigger on a new one, I decided to visit their web site to check over their products. Much to my surprise, I found a replacement parts page for Shubb Capos that had the two parts I needed to fix up my old one for a dollar each with no shipping and handling–outstanding!  I ordered them and within a few days I had my old capo fixed up good as new.

Fretless Bass

Last week I had a bad case of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), which resulted in me picking up this new-to-me bass. I’ve wanted a fretless bass ever since I tried one out about 5 years ago. The sound of a fretless just sings to my heart like nothing else, but I haven’t been in a place where I’ve felt like it was the right time to have one, until this deal came up.

Here are some of the vital stats:

  • Zon Custom Sonus 5 string fretless bass
  • Redwood Top
  • Ash Body
  • Phenowood Fingerboard, partially-lined (lines only extend under the B string), custom extension (28 frets on the G string side)
  • Graphite Neck
  • Bartolini Single Coils and an NTMB preamp (9V)

Mixing Sound

I’ve started mixing sound at Ethnos. Tonight was my first full night running things. It’s been fun and interesting and a tad bit challenging. Challenging because there are quite a few things to remember, starting with hooking everything together. There are a lot of cables that need plugged into the right places. There’s also quite a bit to be thinking about during the service as well. But it’s all been fun and a good change.

All in all, I would rather be at the source making the music, but this is a very close second.

Oh, and thanks goes out to Joel, whose been a good teacher.