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Kitchen Party II

The second Portland/Vancouver Kitchen Party for Musicians and Singers was a little shorter for me since Josiah was at his grandma’s and I wanted to go out on a date with Angie that night. I had a good time though. My guitar chops were a rusty feeling though. It seemed like just about the time I started to get a feel for the song, it was over.

The surprise for me was when I picked up the djembe (drum) that Angie gave me for Christmas (and made by the talented Dave Keetah). It was the first time I’d played it in a live setting with other musicians. It was just really enjoyable because I didn’t have to put as much thought into it. I could just settle into a nice simple groove and just enjoy the song.

The Pandora Podcast

For those who are interested in finding out more about various element of music, I’ve found the Pandora Podcast to be pretty interesting, educational, well produced, but way too short. You can learn more about techniques of drumming, vocal harmonies, vocal recording and guitar effects for example. Being in an audio format is great because you can hear examples of what they’re talking about. Plus, there are more resources on the episode web pages.

It’s been useful for me as a guitar player to get more insight into areas I might not be so familiar with on the specifics. With each episode being eight or nine minutes long, I alway find myself wanting more when it’s done.

Jazzy Tune Preview

Here’s a little tune-in-progress that I’m working on. This is not a complete tune by any means–it needs a bridge section for one thing. However, I wanted to get what I did have out here to share. I was partially inspired by recent posts by Chris and Troy of their work, I’ve also wanted to share things I’m working on for a while now too.

All in all, this is a bit jazzier then I usually tend toward, but I tend to associate jazz with Christmas and well, that’s where my mind was.

More details can be found here.

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Music, Science

One of the things I like about music is how mathematical it is. You can describe so many aspects of it using math and science. There is theory to describe how to put something together that “sounds good”. That order and structure and way of analyzing in order to understand really appeals to me. But the best part is that music transcends all of this to be something so much more beautiful and meaningful than numbers, formula, and all understanding.

I think the whole universe is the same way. I’ve always been interested in the physics of things. I’ve been getting into astronomy and cosmology as of late and I’m just intrigued by the how things are work on a large scale. Dark matter, dark energy, black holes? Wow. But, better than all that, it does work and in just a way so that we can all live. Not only that, but things looks pretty spectacular from my limited, little perspective.