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It’s 2:20 AM, do you know where your wife is? Mine is outside looking at the moon. No, she not a lunatic, she’s just trying to get some good photo’s of the lunar eclipse.


I saw Saturn tonight through the telescope Josiah and I got for Angie for Christmas. We don’t have enough batteries to power the little computer to find things for me and I haven’t done much research on where to find things yet so it’s pretty much just random roaming for me. Anyway, I was just spending some time tonight looking at what I think is the Orion Nebula and then went to look for something else to look at, found a star that looked somewhat bright, and was a bit surprised to see that the “star” had rings. I put the higher power eye piece in and sure enough there it was, shining in all it’s glory. There are some spectacular images out there, but there’s just something about looking directly at a something like that live that is way cool to me.

Music, Science

One of the things I like about music is how mathematical it is. You can describe so many aspects of it using math and science. There is theory to describe how to put something together that “sounds good”. That order and structure and way of analyzing in order to understand really appeals to me. But the best part is that music transcends all of this to be something so much more beautiful and meaningful than numbers, formula, and all understanding.

I think the whole universe is the same way. I’ve always been interested in the physics of things. I’ve been getting into astronomy and cosmology as of late and I’m just intrigued by the how things are work on a large scale. Dark matter, dark energy, black holes? Wow. But, better than all that, it does work and in just a way so that we can all live. Not only that, but things looks pretty spectacular from my limited, little perspective.