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CadreBible for Android Review

One of the biggest things I was looking forward to when I bought the Droid phone last year was a Bible app. I’ve generally got an hour on the bus each work day. Part of that time I dedicate to reading the Bible. I liked the idea of being able to not only read the Bible from a small, portable device, but also having study tools at my finger tips. The problem was, I couldn’t find any apps with good study tools.

I finally found one last fall that was what I was looking for:  CadreBible.  The app is free, though many of the Bibles you pay for.  I did buy the NASB with exhaustive concordance in order to cross reference from Strong’s numbers to original language dictionary. All in all it works great and allows me to take notes, bookmark, and highlight verses; download commentaries.

Developer’s web site:

Android Market link: market://search?q=pname:com.cadreworks.bible_le

Android Market QR code: [My inner geek just couldn’t resist adding a QR code.]


Robert Fripp – Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

At first, it seemed odd to me that Microsoft would go to the trouble and probably decent expense to get Robert Fripp in the studio to record sounds for the new version of Microsoft Windows (Vista): Robert Fripp – Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

But it starts to make sense as I pondered what Robert Scoble points out:

I was sitting in the studio listening to Robert Fripp a few weeks back play for hours. Why? To find one 2.5-second clip of sounds.

Why take that effort? Cause that sound will play trillions of times over the next decade.

Althought I’m not a huge Robert Fripp fan, I do recognize him as an excellent source for putting together soundscapes.

Anyway, this combined two of my favorite subjects to be geeky about (music, technology), so I had to post.