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December Snow Fun

OK, today’s snowfall reminded me that I had some snow photos from December to share.  First, there’s this photo of the mountain I conqured. 

OK, the tree in the background gives it away, it’s actually a six foot mountain I made in our driveway.

Next, we have a snow cave that we were able to make on our deck.  It was built into the two foot high drift we had there.  Josiah thought it was cool and was involved in building it for a few minutes, but then he got cold and wanted to go in.  However, he informed me that I should stay out for “ten minutes” and continue building.

Snow, For a Minute

I just saw a bunch of tiny snow flakes blowing around outside my office window (on the 14th floor) a few minutes ago. They probably didn’t even make it to the ground, but they sure looked cool flurrying around in the partial sunlight.

Playing in the Sand Box–In February

Playing a little catch-up here…
Josiah likes playing in his sand box and it doesn’t really matter to him that it’s raining outside. Since it matters to Angie and I, I rigged up a tarp under the deck stairway above his sand box. Now everybody’s happy.

Snow in Portland–In March

So I heard Wednesday afternoon about a “blizzard warning” for the Cascade mountains and saw snow level of 1000 feet and thought, “That’s nice. Too bad I won’t see any at my house.” Well by morning the snow level dropped to 300 feet and voila–there was snow. Here’s a shot I took yesterday morning before it started warming up.

I knew Josiah would be excited so I delayed going in to work. When he woke up I took him to the window and he said, “Hey, snow!” After about a minute of him listing off all the things that had snow on them, he said, “I need my boots! I need my hat! I need my jammies off!” Unfortunately, I had to go to work, but he got to go out with his mommy. They built a snow man, a “Snow Mommy“, and a “Snow Josiah.